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SUNUGALINFOS: 95% of medical products used in Senegal are imported. And with the borders closed, some fear a shortage of drugs. Head of pharmacy at Aristide Le Dantec hospital, Dr Mor Fall assures us that there is no fear of rupture yet to feed.

“With this crisis, we can only optimize the management of these products to be able to rationalize the dispensing of products. We operate over products that are available at the hospital pharmacy. But at the hospital, it is taking the lead with management to find ways, methods to be able to have these products a few times. Says Dr Fall.
However, he warns: “For the moment; we have all the products the hospital needs to function. We have the products we need to support the sick (but) if the crisis persists, we can claim probable risks of drug shortages. ”


For Dr Anette Seck Ndiaye, Director of the National Pharmacy Supply (PNA), it is quite normal that people worry because we are in a global health context where all countries are trying to cope with the drug shortage. In this context, breeders and distributors take restrictive measures.
All this does not contribute to the availability of drugs and, the first to feel them are those who import the products, especially most of the countries of Africa and Senegal is housed in the same boat as these countries,” he said. she explained over the phone. However, she believes that to address these shortages, we must try to find the best channels. It must, she informs, try to identify the new global exporting countries like India which is now to lift some restrictions and China, which has the most material.
Apart from the Covid-19 drugs that may be available, there are also all these diseases which are chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension. We must ensure the availability of drugs for the care of these patients. For the moment we are ensuring the supply in the correct way, “she reassures.

Regarding kidney transplant recipients, she recalls that the law was passed recently and they have not yet implemented these products because they are extremely expensive and they were not on essential drugs. “It was more like products that are imported directly,” she says. However, the Director of the PNA informs that they are working to replace the suppliers of these products to ensure their availability.

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