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Guest of the program « reunion » of the Rfm, Sunday, the doctor in economics Khadim Bamba Diagne, also director of the economic research and monetary research laboratory of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar affirmed that the Senegalese have fixed a cape to the President of the Republic to show him the Senegal they would like to have in the next 5 years. On RFM, the economist dissects what guided the choice of Senegalese who re-elected the outgoing president.

« When you take the 12 departments where we can talk about vote by sentiment, 57% of Senegalese voted for President Macky Sall. I think the president was on its balance sheet. A second level of economic reading reveals that where the president has put a lot of money, ie Micro investments like the Diamnadio cluster which has received thousands of billions, there is no voice, no voters in this pole. He realized Ila Touba and yet he lost Thies and the religious city. Ditto for Ziguinchor despite the farafégné bridge. So micro investments did not affect the electorate, « said the economist.

Bamba Diagne added: « On the other hand if you take micro investments that impact the quality of life of citizens, namely the social scholarship, the PUDC where people have felt the policy on their quality of life. These areas really voted for him. We can say that people expect that growth is not only a quantitative but qualitative measurement. That is, growth that improves the quality of life of citizens, « said Diagne

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