Sonatel announces a loss of 20 billion in 2018 because of OTT … incoming calls via WhatsApp, Messenger …


« OTT (Over The Top) had an impact of 20 billion FCFA on our figures. Especially on incoming international calls that are a financial volume of 25 billion. The remaining 5 billion goes to fraud, » said Sekou Dramé, the Director General of Sonatel this Wednesday, March 20, on the occasion of Pencum Sonatel.

According to him, two thirds of international incoming calls are via OTT, which are over-the-top content (or offer outside the ISP to the Internet; in English over-the-top service or OTT) delivery of audio, video and other Internet media without the participation of a traditional network operator (such as a cable company, telephone or satellite as Orange, Tigo and Expresso in Senegal).

Which means that calls via WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Viber have lost about twenty billion to the Orange phone operator.


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